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I’m Sorry I Called You An Asshole, I Thought You Knew Chewing Gum

Hey, you know who you are!  This is for you!

Buy up a bunch of this gum. We have a feeling you’re going to be handing it out as an unsolicited gift a lot.  And it would suck to be surrounded too many assholes, and not enough gum.

I’m Sorry I Called You An Asshole, I Thought You Knew Chewing Gum

Lap Cat Napkins

Lap Cat Napkins

Fur real? Mew must be kitten with those a-paw-ling table manners! 😾

Meow don’t let your next dinner paw-ty end in a disaster. Afterall, no fancy feast is complete without our playful paper Lap Cat Napkins – These folded feline fur’ends are the purr’furred way to keep your whiskers clean! 🍴🐈

Lap Cat Napkins

Whether they’re after your food or napping on your lap, the characterful cats on our Cat Napkins know how to get a dinner party started. And with 4 different designs per pack, you’ll have no trouble creating aww-inspiring table settings for your cat loving friends.

Purrfect Dinner Guest Lap Cat Napkins

Sigmund Freud once said that ‘time spent with cats is never wasted’, so what are you waiting for? A purrfect gift for the hostess with the mostess (cats!)

Purrfect Dinner Guest Lap Cat Napkins

Order your very own LAP CAT NAPKINS right meow at PK!

Bag Of Unicorn Farts

A Rainbow of smiles inside a cute bag… and what!.. 10% of profits are donated to the Unicorn Children’s Foundation!

Like mom always said… Sugar is sweet, lemons are tart.  I love you more than a Bag of Unicorn Farts! Oh wait, actually mom never really said sweet things like that to me… does anyone have the phone number to a good therapist?

Anyway… More addictive than a can of Pringles –  Bag Of Unicorn Farts

You’re A Natural Born Asshole

1680x2240OMGish!  The shear number of guys in my life that I could get these for! It’s true – you know it and we know it. But it’s okay because you’re OUR asshole, and we love you for that!

But seriously… do you always need to be an ass?  If I get you a cool pair of socks will you be nicer?

That asshole deserves a pat on the back and some cool socks to fill those big shoes of theirs!

Get some NATURAL BORN ASSH*LE MEN’S SOCKS and more jerky gifts at PK!