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Scolding Hot Gifts for Coffee Lovers!

Best Coffee Mugs

Best Coffee Mugs

Coffee. We’re not sure where we’d be without it! Well, actually, we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to make it out of bed… so you would find us there.

No matter how you like it — espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, americano, flat white, black eye, latte, double latte, and our personal favorite, chuggable — this life-giving-nectar-of-the-gods is what binds us all.

So, if you have a coffee lover in your life, or you are that coffee lover you’re going to want to check out this list of our Top 10 Customer Favorites in our ever popular I Love Caffeine category!

Source: Scolding Hot Gifts for Coffee Lovers! – Perpetual_Kid – Medium

Unique Gifts that are also slightly insulting! 

Pretty Damn Funny… mugs. Just as unique as you are!

Fun + Unique gifts for the young at heart! Unusual + affordable gift ideas for guys, girls, mom, dad, kids, and pets!


Do you think you re whitty?  Whitty enough to gift this to your wife? sister? mother-in-law? and get away with it becuase of your reputation for being the funny one?

We double dog dare you to give it a try!

Check it out plus more slighlty (okay,very) insulting gifts!  Unique Gifts at Perpetual Kid