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Lap Cat Napkins

Lap Cat Napkins

Fur real? Mew must be kitten with those a-paw-ling table manners! 😾

Meow don’t let your next dinner paw-ty end in a disaster. Afterall, no fancy feast is complete without our playful paper Lap Cat Napkins – These folded feline fur’ends are the purr’furred way to keep your whiskers clean! 🍴🐈

Lap Cat Napkins

Whether they’re after your food or napping on your lap, the characterful cats on our Cat Napkins know how to get a dinner party started. And with 4 different designs per pack, you’ll have no trouble creating aww-inspiring table settings for your cat loving friends.

Purrfect Dinner Guest Lap Cat Napkins

Sigmund Freud once said that ‘time spent with cats is never wasted’, so what are you waiting for? A purrfect gift for the hostess with the mostess (cats!)

Purrfect Dinner Guest Lap Cat Napkins

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Calm The F*ck Down (Tea)

Calm the f**k down

Adulting can be hard. Like, really hard. A big gulp of our Calm The F*ck Down Snarky Tea can help.  ☕😌 #drinkyourfeelingsCalm The Fuck Down Snarky Tea

It’s a slippery slope to full blown meltdown territory… and ain’t nobody got time for that. Help keep your emotions in check with some subversive humor and some tasty herbs.

Besides being an awesome gift capable of eliciting a fit of giggles this tea will actually help you chill out! This ultra chill tea contains Green Rooibos which serve as an anti-inflammatory while improving circulation, aiding digestion and relieving hypertension. On top of that, it’s beneficial for your bones, teeth, hair and skin.

Give the gift of chilling the f**k out to someone you care about or perhaps chuck it at someone who just really needs to take it down a notch before they self-destruct.

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Calm The F**k Down Snark Tea

Bag of Cat Farts

photo2_1200_e6c447b0-da7c-4920-87b8-b0add0f71f2e_1024x1024__71998-1486249167-1280-1280 Some may find the idea a-paw-ling, but we’re not kitten. Your majestic feline passes gas.

Fur real.

And we’ve captured this scent of su-purr-iority in our silent but tasty, Bag of Cat Farts! It’s hiss-terical fun without the cat-lateral damage.🐈💨

Purrrhaps the most elegant animal to walk the earth, the regal feline has long been admired and adored for its grace. From Egyptian hieroglyphics to ruling the internet, the cat is no stranger to the spotlight….like any animal, however, they also pass gas.

Meow we’ve let the cat (farts) out of the bag but it doesn’t stop there. Our feline benefactors have graciously, and lovingly, donated their farts (although they do detest that word) to help make the world a better place for all animals: 10% of all profits are donated to charities that support a more animal-friendly world.

100% Fancy      😽     100% Frisky     😼     100% Funny     😸

It’s a gift with a lot of heart fart! Imagine their surprise when they discover the gift fluffy left on the floor this morning. It will blow them away!

The Purrrrfect Gift for Cat Lovers

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Ramen Noodes or Impasta?

Ramen Noodle Sticky Notes

Noodling with an idea?  Ramen Noodle Notes

Are you a hopeless Ramen-tic?  Then take note of what we’re about to tell you. Pho real.

Oh, you don’t have a notepad?  Next time you should maybe pick up a pack of Ramen Noodles next time you get the craving to leave a memo. These Ramen Noodles Sticky Notes are a quick and easy way to satisfy your note leaving urges! 🍜

So…  if you’re looking for a deliciously fun gift for the ra-men or ra-women in your life, or your fav starving college student, noodle over your decision no longer! And for those of you still hungover.. or hungover from your last relationship, and the only men you want in your life are ramen, well then here you go!

This slurp-tastic notepad is tucked away in a reusable zipper-lock bag contains over 150 printed sticky notes —perfect for jotting down grocery lists, quick reminders, or just drawing oodles of doodles. Does not contain MSG.

Ramen Noodle Sticky Notes

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Bag Of Unicorn Farts

A Rainbow of smiles inside a cute bag… and what!.. 10% of profits are donated to the Unicorn Children’s Foundation!

Like mom always said… Sugar is sweet, lemons are tart.  I love you more than a Bag of Unicorn Farts! Oh wait, actually mom never really said sweet things like that to me… does anyone have the phone number to a good therapist?

Anyway… More addictive than a can of Pringles –  Bag Of Unicorn Farts

Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp



What’s that sound?!  It’s the Ice Cream Truck rolling down the street to deliver dreams!  There are just few things in life that are as enjoyable as an ice cream cone!

What kid of every age wouldn’t want a enormous Ice Cream Cone Lamp for their desk or bedside!

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