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Bobo Balloons are Crazy Cool LED Party Decorations

BOBO LED Party 4th of July Balloons

BOBO LED Party 4th of July Balloons


Unique Gifts + Trippy Balloons at Perpetual Kid!

Source: Bobo Balloons in Unique Gift LED party Decorations

As seen on Rachel Ray with Katie Linendoll!  Be the light and the life of the party with Bobo Balloons!  The reflection of the lights against the shiny PVC balloon give the illusion of hundreds of lights!

  • Each Balloon can reach 15 inches in diameter when fully inflated
  • Balloons are made of PVC
  • Includes plastic sticks with on/off battery packs in the handles
  • Fun multicolored LED light string
  • Not for use with hydrogen!  Seriously.
  • Makes 3 complete balloons.
  • Please note:  Our currently inventory does not have the blinking functionality.

Includes 3 complete sets of balloons for easy assembly!  Requires 2AA Batteries, not included.  Inflate using a bike or inflatable pool float pump, not included.




2018’s Most Popular Bong!  It’s the Original Wake + Bake Mug


Wake + Bake Mug

 Whether it’s green tea or Starbucks, kind or swag, we won’t judge you man.  The best way to start your day on a high note…  It’s a perfect gift for the joker, smoker, or mid-morning toker.  

This is not just a one-hit wonder! You can use this dual-purpose green-medic mug tea to fill up with your favorite caffeinated concoction over and over again.


Available at Perpetual Kid: Wake + Bake Mug in Unique Stoner Gifts