Kid’s Creepy Halloween Candy

2018 Top Gross Halloween Candy
Bet you can’t eat just one! Gross!

2018 Top Gross Halloween Candy

  • Barf Lollipop  – This gross but delicious root beer flavored lollipop has embedded candy inclusions to give it more of a fresh just-blew-chunks feel.
  • Bag of Zombie Farts – Zombie Farts are actually quite tasty – if you don’t have a sense of smell.
  • Body Part Halloween Lollipops
    • Bloodshot Eyeball- Cotton Candy Flavored
    • Human Heart – Red Cherry Flavored
    • Human Brain (actual size of ex-boyfriend’s) – Watermelon Flavored
    • Green Witch Finger – Poison Apple Flavored
    • Orange Witch Finger After Eating Bag of Cheetos – Orange Flavored
  • Booger Lollipop – Believe us when we say we had to dig deep in the recesses of our brain for this one… Mom was wrong when she said “DON’T EAT THAT!”
  • Candy Soap Lollipops – Wash Your Dirty Mouth Out!  WTF did you just say???  You better start running before you get this treat popped in your mouth!
  • Unicorn Fart Lollipop – Did you really think unicorns were too pretty to fart?  This lollipop is the perfect match for any friend or family member that may appreciate your excellent taste in lollipops and potty humor!

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