2019 Holiday Gift Guide Media Requests

Are you looking for hi-res images, additional product details, or samples? Awesome!

Source: Perpetual Kid Press + Media Requests


Don’t forget to contact us for amazing products for your 2019 Gift Guides!


  • Looking for magazine ready hi-res images?
  • Need a product on set for taping first thing in the morning?
  • Need the inside scoop on future products for your holiday gift guide?
  • Interested in scheduling an e-commerce radio interview?
  • And… anything else for your magazine or show!

Just send an email to dawn@perpetualkid.com, and I’ll be get back to you right away!  Or you can give me a call at 804-258-1188.

Media requests are my favorite thing to do outside of eating copious amounts of chocolate and researching hilarious cat videos on the interwebs!

Hoping to hear for you soon!


Unique Gifts
Unique Gifts


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