Vincent T. Trump’s Small Hand Soap Review

trump small hand soap

OMGosh! Did you hear what Vince said about Trump’s Small Hand Soap!:

“⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sheer Super Chic Soap,by Vincent J.Tomeo – Trump’s Small Hands Soap I laughed when I first noticed President Trump’s hands. I was shocked to see such small hands on such a big man. Can such small hands grab anything substantial? What do world leaders think when they have to shake the minute hand of President Trump? The soap is fun, smells beautiful, and cleans well. Yes, let’s make America clean again. Stop dirty politics in a small way with small hand soap made in the USA. I was so satisfied with your product. I would like to purchase a dozen more bars of small hand soap for Christmas. Vincent J. Tomeo ”