Bring back my childhood! Top Summer Toys of 2018

Unique Summer Toys

Bring back my childhood!

Building childhood summer memories… What are your most vibrant memories of your childhood? If you are old enough to remember the great Cabbage Patch Kid shortage of the 1980’s in suburbia, we’re pretty sure we can name a few of your favorite childhood memories.

  • Playing in the woods building forts, or talking about building a fort.
  • Riding your Big Wheel or Green Machine through the streets in your neighborhood with a gang of friends. The top of the steepest driveway was always the best location to start your run.
  • The coolest neighborhood mom handing out popsicles on hot days to a mob of you and your friends.
  • Adults only swim at the community pool. This was the worst thing that would happen during your day. It wasn’t for about another 20 years before you understood the beauty of this for the parents.

This summer there are tons of toys that an inner child of the 80’s can’t help but need to own. I mean, isn’t this one of the main joys of earning a paycheck? “I see it, I want it, I buy it.”

Our Gasoline Jeans, Benneton + Camp Beverly Hills sweatshirt wearing, Strawberry Shortcake loving, Donkey Kong playing, ice cream with a wooden spoon eating, Duran Duran listening inner child wants this summer!…

Enjoy your summer and be sure to visit Perpetual Kid for every unique giftyour inner Pizza Hut arcade playing child will love!

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