Top 10 Unique Pool Floats of 2019

What are the top 10 pool floats in 2018?

BigMouth make days by the water bigger, better, and wetter. From poolside parties to beach vacations, we bring the heat. Let’s make this your best summer ever.

  1. Unicorn Pool Float
  2. Rainbow Pool Float with Glitter
  3. Shark Head Pool Float
  4. Butterfly Wings
  5. Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float
  6. Mermail Trail Pool Float
  7. Jelly Fish Pool Float
  8. Octopus Pool Float with 8 Arms
  9. T-Rex Pool Float With Tiny Arms
  10. Cotton Candy Cone Pool Float

You can see all of these pool floats at Perpetual Kid: Your #1 source for Giant Pool Floats, Beach Accessories & Inflatables


Shark Pool Float
Shark Pool Float
Octopus Pool Float
Octopus Pool Float
Unicorn Pool Float
Unicorn Pool Float

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