Tire-d of Typical Planters?

Are you “tired” of typical planters? Ready for a “change”? Don’t tread lightly, put the rubber to the road and pop a plant into our tirelessly cool Yard Goods Tire Planter! 🌵

yardgoods_tireplanter_env2__57350.1486391359.380.380This classic piece of roadside Americana is perfect for succulents, air plants, and even herbs – you’re guaranteed to get a lot of mileage out of it!  🚜 🚗 🚙

Pile on the charm as this short stack fits on your desk, side table or countertop, creating a unique urban accent.

Don’t be a prick and keep it all for yourself! Pick a spare one up today- it’s always a good idea to have an extra gift on hand in case an emergency arises!   It’s a great host/hostess, or house warming gift!

Desktop Planter Yard Goods Tire Stack

Made of matte-finished ceramic, and packed in a full-color gift box. Measures approximately 3 inches tall x 4 inches wide.

Pick up a spare Yard Goods Tire Planter and other wacky, unique gifts at PK!

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