Calm The F*ck Down (Tea)

Adulting can be hard. Like, really hard. A big gulp of our Calm The F*ck Down Snarky Tea can help.  ☕😌 #drinkyourfeelingsCalm The Fuck Down Snarky Tea

It’s a slippery slope to full blown meltdown territory… and ain’t nobody got time for that. Help keep your emotions in check with some subversive humor and some tasty herbs.

Besides being an awesome gift capable of eliciting a fit of giggles this tea will actually help you chill out! This ultra chill tea contains Green Rooibos which serve as an anti-inflammatory while improving circulation, aiding digestion and relieving hypertension. On top of that, it’s beneficial for your bones, teeth, hair and skin.

Give the gift of chilling the f**k out to someone you care about or perhaps chuck it at someone who just really needs to take it down a notch before they self-destruct.

Get CALM THE F**K DOWN SNARKY TEA and more outrageous teas, cheeky drinking vessels, and adorable tea infusers at PK!

Calm The F**k Down Snark Tea

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