Crack Open A Cool Fluffy One

Feeling a little bitter and pale waiting for happy hour to come around? Try gulping down a few handfuls of our Beer Cotton Candy!

Beer Cotton Candy

With an irresistible flavor, each batch is hand-crafted, packed fresh, and is burp free!

Did we mention that it’s home brewed in the USA?!  Annnnd, it’s all natural with no artificial colors or flavors! Plus it’s only 110 calories to chug the whole thing! That’s like the equivalent of a lite beer! We’ll drink to that!  CHEERS! 🍻

We totally pitcher this being a terrific gift for any beer lover!  They’ll be more than hoppy to crack upon a cool fluffy one!

Pick up a single or a 6-pack of Beer Cotton Candy and other wacky, tasty, unique gifts at PK!


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