Bag of Cat Farts

photo2_1200_e6c447b0-da7c-4920-87b8-b0add0f71f2e_1024x1024__71998-1486249167-1280-1280 Some may find the idea a-paw-ling, but we’re not kitten. Your majestic feline passes gas.

Fur real.

And we’ve captured this scent of su-purr-iority in our silent but tasty, Bag of Cat Farts! It’s hiss-terical fun without the cat-lateral damage.🐈💨

Purrrhaps the most elegant animal to walk the earth, the regal feline has long been admired and adored for its grace. From Egyptian hieroglyphics to ruling the internet, the cat is no stranger to the spotlight….like any animal, however, they also pass gas.

Bag of Cat Farts Mane Supplier
(our mane supplier)

Meow we’ve let the cat (farts) out of the bag but it doesn’t stop there. Our feline benefactors have graciously, and lovingly, donated their farts (although they do detest that word) to help make the world a better place for all animals: 10% of all profits are donated to charities that support a more animal-friendly world.

100% Fancy      😽     100% Frisky     😼     100% Funny     😸

It’s a gift with a lot of heart fart! Imagine their surprise when they discover the gift fluffy left on the floor this morning. It will blow them away!

The Purrrrfect Gift for Cat Lovers

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