Ramen Noodes or Impasta?

Ramen Noodle Sticky Notes
Noodling with an idea?  Ramen Noodle Notes

Are you a hopeless Ramen-tic?  Then take note of what we’re about to tell you. Pho real.

Oh, you don’t have a notepad?  Next time you should maybe pick up a pack of Ramen Noodles next time you get the craving to leave a memo. These Ramen Noodles Sticky Notes are a quick and easy way to satisfy your note leaving urges! 🍜

So…  if you’re looking for a deliciously fun gift for the ra-men or ra-women in your life, or your fav starving college student, noodle over your decision no longer! And for those of you still hungover.. or hungover from your last relationship, and the only men you want in your life are ramen, well then here you go!

This slurp-tastic notepad is tucked away in a reusable zipper-lock bag contains over 150 printed sticky notes —perfect for jotting down grocery lists, quick reminders, or just drawing oodles of doodles. Does not contain MSG.

Ramen Noodle Sticky Notes

Get some RAMEN NOODLES STICKY NOTES and more foodie gifts at PK!

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